Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bonus Recipe from the World Wide Web!!

Recipe: Citrus Meltaways


I have been craving these since I came across this recipe on one of the many food blogs on the web: Fresh365.  (LINK NO LONGER VALID) Finally I decided to give them a try.

The scent of the zest and juice was mouth watering wonderful. My mouth was puckering all along just waiting for these citrus beauties. I was surprised they were not as I had expected. At first bite you get the sense of the citrus, but it falls flat after that instead of an explosion of bright tartness to fill your mouth. Must be that grapefruit is more bitter then tart. I will make these again but go with Meyer lemon or just the lime in place of the grapefruit and lime combo.

Success meter (1-3): 2





Click link for recipe:  (LINK NO LONGER VALID)

I will be adding the recipe once I get the time to type it up. Until then you can find the recipe here:


  1. Mama your pictures get better and better every post! I love the one with the slices laying down with the knife in the background!

  2. Thank you! It means a lot coming from you! That is my favorite as well. Glad you enjoyed them!


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