Monday, February 28, 2011

An Oscar Party! (featuring another recipe from The Sunset Cookbook)

Recipe: Leek and Chanterell Tart

I was making this for an Oscar party and decided at the last minute to include this in my blog, hence the poor photography (lighting/positioning). In the beginning I told myself this wasn't going to be the case for I really did not have the extra time to be taking pictures. However after making the dough for the crust I could not resist the urge, so I just took a few quick shots and the tart was so beautiful I just had to share.

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a tad too big for the plate...

Book Fifteen: Cocolat, by Alice Medrich

Recipe: Tricolor Mousse

Cocolat was my first baking cookbook, given to me by my husband on my birthday, at least 15 years ago. This is the book that started it all for me on my culinary adventures in baking. Thank you dear, it has been a fun adventure.

I made this for an Oscar party and chose to make it in individual portion sizes as opposed to one large dessert. It is always more fun with single servings, and this way everyone gets their own little package.

This was a fairly simple recipe, though it took me most of the morning since I wanted to include it in my blog (as if I did not have enough to do already) and dessert I found is harder to shoot then a meal.
Getting the mousse out of the molds was a bit of a challenge. When making the larger size, after heating the mold, you should be able to just slip it right off by pulling up on the dessert ring. The smaller size, the mousse is not heavy enough to do so. I had to push up from the bottom and man-handle it somewhat to get it to the plate. Of course, after sleeping on it (the idea, not the dessert!) I came up with an easier way. Place the mousse (the bottom is lined with a small disc of chocolate) on a shot glass and pull the dessert ring down. Then I would be able to slip a small spatula or fork underneath and transfer it to the plate. Next time!!
And the Oscar goes to.....

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Fourteen: The San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook

Recipe: Fusilli with Mushrooms and Strong Greens

Sometimes the simplest of recipes are the best. I get caught up making the more complex recipes that I forget that something as simple as this recipe or a roast chicken with just salt and pepper is delightful! I was feeling guilty picking such a simple recipe to blog about but I was short on time. We had originally planned on going out tonight, and I changed my mind at the last minute.

For this recipe I used a combination of kale and mustard greens, for my local store (which I try to avoid like the plague) had slim pickin's and what they did have wasn't the greatest. Even my mushrooms were not to my liking, but being they were going to be cooked down and not thrown into a salad, I figured they would suffice. That is the problem with last minute shopping for me. Having to use the local store just over the hill; which I bitch about the whole time before I even arrive, and then days after. On the plus side....they have a wonderful wine selection!!

 It may sound strange to some, adding balsamic vinegar,
 but do not hesitate ~ it added an intensity to the dish.  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Thirteen: The Sunset Cookbook

Recipe: Biscuit-topped Chicken Potpies

I am only into thirteen of my 100+ books, and have acquired two more!! This being one of them. At this rate, I will never get through them all! When I was at my mother's a few months back, I was leafing through her copy and was salivating over so many of the recipes. I must have been hungry that day, for I could not stop thinking about this book. I held off for as long as I could...

I have made potpies in the past, but I think this one is the best. I also think this is a healthier version then the ones I've made before. It has a whopping 58g of protein and only about 10g fat. I also like the biscuit topping over having the whole dish covered with puff pastry or the like. (Edit: read the wrong recipe. 28g of protein and 25g of fat. Thought it tasted too good to be only 10g!!)

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 Ooops..imagine the heavy cream as buttermilk....pulled out the wrong carton!