Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wok Wednesdays | Malaysian-Style Stir-Fried Squid and Pineapple

WW wokking through Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge
by Grace Young

My only experience with squid, has been fried calamari that we have ordered as an appetizer; so this was new to me, not only in preparation, but eating it without the breaded, deep-fried coating, dipped in a spicy marinara sauce that is so good.

Mise en place.

Bowl 1: Shallot, garlic
Bowl 2: Squid
Bowl 3: Pineapple
Bowl 4: Tomato
Bowl 5: Hunan Red Chili Sauce
Bowl 6: Salt, sugar
Bowl 7:  Scallion

As you can see from the mise en place photo, there are just a few ingredients to this recipe, and really, very little prep work. The preparation of the squid, if purchased already cleaned, goes quickly. 

I was lucky to be able to purchase the squid already cleaned. I'm not sure I would have had the heart to clean them myself, which is apparently quite easy to do, as shown in this great photo tutorial.

For this recipe, the bodies of the squid are sliced lengthwise, and then scored with a crisscross pattern, and then cut into two-inch pieces.

The aromatics (garlic/shallot) are stir-fried first, then the squid is added and cooked just until opaque and starts to curl. The pineapple is added next and stir-fried for a short time, before adding the tomato, hot sauce*, sugar and salt, and stir-fried just until the flavors have blended. The final dish is topped with chopped scallions.

*The recipe calls for one tablespoon of Asian-style hot sauce. The book refers to Lingham's Hot Sauce, which is described as sweet and spicy, with just the right amount of heat. I used Hunan Red Chili Hot Sauce, which is very hot (in my opinion), and used a heaping teaspoon, and found this to be perfect.

I was surprised there was no use of rice wine, soy sauce, or other condiment to flavor this dish, other than the hot sauce, along with the garlic and shallot. I was amazed how much flavor it actually had - I loved the combination of the hot sauce and pineapple.


Such a visually artistic looking stir-fry - from the harlequin pattern on the mantle (body), to the curled tendrils; and the colors of red and gold, from the tomatoes and pineapple. Just beautiful.

And now, for a little nutritional information:

Did you know that three ounces of fried squid supplies fifteen grams of protein? That is thirty percent of your daily value (based on a 2000 calorie diet). Unfortunately, if you are watching your cholesterol, as my husband is, squid is very high - a whopping 221mg, that is seventy-four percent of your daily value! - (source) Yet, he ate it, and enjoyed it. :)

We are asked not to post the recipes here on our blog. If you would like the recipe, you will find it on page 174 of  Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge, which you can purchase at your local bookstore or find it at your local library. I highly recommend purchasing the book - you won't be disappointed. 

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  1. Cathleen, I do not think that I have ever seen a squid being photographed in such a pretty way! Your final dish looks absolutely amazing and wonderfully presented!

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I couldn't resist taking that shot of the squid; it looked so artistic.

  2. This looks incredibly tasty, but I can't imagine squid with pineapple!! But why not? I am trying to get more adventurous with my stir-frying... you are inspiring me! David

  3. Gorgeous! and love the info on the squid! I had so many choices of squid and was a bit fearful of what to buy.

  4. Just read your post and noticed you mentioned you didn't have any Lingham's sauce to try...would love to send you a bottle to try if you are interested? Just pop me an email ( and I would gladly arrange.


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