Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cakes: A Short Jaunt Down Memory Lane

One blogger I follow, Dawn, of Simply Sweet, makes amazing cakes! She really needs to open her own bakery. (People use to tell me the same thing, but my cakes were nowhere near the perfection of hers - they were all probably just being nice.) 

Looking at her latest had me reminiscing of the cakes I made for our daughter's birthdays. Her parties were small productions, planned months in advance. Those days were fun!

Our daughter is now grown, recently college graduated, employed (and, in her field of study no less!) and out on her own, becoming a self sufficient, wonderful, caring, and loving woman. She truly is amazing.

I know we have done well raising our daughter, just by seeing who (or is it whom?) she has become and watching her succeed in life.

That is what it's all about isn't it? Having that sweet child to love, play, and grow with, which you hope will be for an eternity, but turns out to be such a short time (goes by way too fast). Raising your child to become nurturing, caring and respectable citizens themselves, and then responsible enough (and willing (she had no problem!), to leave the protective nest. 

Well, we have succeeded, and we are proud. Though there will always be that part of me that still wishes that when I go to bed at night, and wake up in the morning, that she is safe in her room down the hall..

Love you, Ash.

A few of my favorite cakes (photos of not so great quality photos - if I only knew what I would be doing today, 20+ years ago):

We threw a pool party for her 2nd birthday party. I recall when I gave birth that it was hotter than hot, and quite warm for her 1st as well. This year of course it turned out overcast and sprinkling! Good thing we also had one of those jumping apparatuses for the kids to play in.

The people are made from royal icing and the inner-tubes are mini chocolate donuts.

 The Emerald City I made from paper towel tubes and wooden balls (oh, how fun it would have been to make an edible Emerald City!)

 This has to be my favorite of favorites. :)

 Teddy Bear Picnic party. My first attempt with fondant & marzipan.

The year (10th) Ash and her friend Tiff made the cake. How could we have forgotten to take a picture!?! This is the drawing I did in the scrapbook. It was a chocolate cake with white frosting in the center and the only icing on the outside was the pumpkins and vines. It really was stunning and delicious.

 This one I did for my nephew's 6th birthday.

Ah- memory lane. That was fun.


  1. Cathleen, what a touching post - a really wonderful walk down memory lane! I am amazed at the cakes that you made for the differently themed birthday parties, they all look quite wonderful!

  2. I remember that wonderful, water park cake with all the kids floating in the chocolate tubes. A pool party, many, many years ago! Where does the time go? It's hard to imagine that was over 20 years ago! Not only the cakes but the fabulous decor was just as impressive! Good job! C.

    1. Hello Q Bee! Been thinking of you! Especially while writing this post. We have to get together soon!!!

  3. These are a blast, Cathleen! I especially love the Wizard of Oz one! I made a few that were fun but have no photos - my favorite was for a 4-year-old boy - a Blue Whale (with a blubber layer of raspberry cream jell-O!). Thanks for sharing these!


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