Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WW: Stir-Fried Yau Choi with Oyster Sauce

Wok Wednesdays wokking through Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge
by Grace Young

Here is a delightfully quick, tasty side dish that would go great with just about anything. I chose to serve it alongside spinach and Gruyère stuffed tilapia.
I'm not sure just how to describe the flavor of yau choi. Raw - it has a slight sweetness, like spinach - and what comes to mind, is also a very slight flavor of arugula - without the peppery bitterness - make sense? Not to me either really. You'll just have to give it a try yourself.  Cooked - it was delicious!

Yau Choi (aka You-Choy Sum or Choi Sum)

 Mise en place.

Bowl 1: Garlic

Bowl 2: Yau Choi

Bowl 3: Ground pepper (the recipe calls for white pepper)

Bowl 4: Oyster sauce and fish sauce

I had a huge bag of yau choi, so I made it again a couple days later for a quick lunch. This time I chopped the stems, rather than leaving them whole (makes for easier eating) and added an extra teaspoon of minced garlic.

We are asked not to post the recipes here on our blog. If you would like the recipe, you will find it on page 196 of  Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge, which you can purchase at your local bookstore or find it at your local library. I highly recommend purchasing the book - you won't be disappointed. 

The recipe can also be found here at 

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  1. Yau Choi, I never heard of it before but you've got me very intrigued. And this dish looks fantastic!

  2. Cathleen, what a vibrant and utterly delicious sounding Asian side dish - I often serve boy choy but I will keep my eyes open for yau choi next time I am at my Asian market, I am intrigued to know how it tastes like.
    Wonderful photography too - the color of the veg is amazing!

    1. New and unique recipe every country has different cooking style. In Asia, China has totally different cooking style and I think it is typical


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