Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WW: Chinese American Shrimp with Lobster Sauce

Wok Wednesdays wokking through Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge
by the fabulous Grace Young

This stir-fry was delicious!

I had reservations as to whether I wanted to proceed with the recipe after reading the directions. I had purchased peeled and deveined shrimp to save on preparation time; only to find out that you need the shells to make the lobster sauce.

I have mentioned several times on the importance of reading a recipe completely - and I did! Only by the time I went to the grocery store, I just jotted down what I thought I needed. It's a good idea to re-read the recipe in its entirety, right before going to the grocery store.

I commented on the Wok Wednesdays Facebook page that I did this, and Grace (yes, the Wok Goddess Extraordinaire herself responds to our never ending questions) says that using only clam juice, the recipe would still turn out just fine - though the shells "add an amazing layer of rich flavor".

I'm looking forward to making this again using the correct ingredients. Seriously, can it be better than it was? I can only imagine~ till next time.

 Mise en Place

1. Shrimp
2. Soy sauce, pepper
3. Pork, ginger, garlic
4. Serrano pepper (The recipe called for Thai red chili)
5. Fermented black beans
6. Clam juice, soy sauce, pepper
7. Clam juice, cornstarch
8. Egg
9. Scallions

Are you asking yourself as I did, "Where is the lobster?" After a quick Google search (what would we do without Google?) this sauce is typically served "over" lobster, not made with lobster. And boy is it tasty! (Even with my omission of the shrimp shells.)

I served this over brown rice which was made with a mixture of leftover chicken and vegetable stock from our Thanksgiving feast. I wish I could remember what stock I used more of, for the rice was really good too.

The leftovers were equally delicious the following day. Good for me, that the hubby forgot to take it in with him for his lunch. ;)

We are asked not to post the recipes here on our blog. If you would like the recipe, you will find it on page 179 of Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge, which you can purchase at your local bookstore or find it at your local library. I highly recommend purchasing the book - you won't be disappointed. 

Wok Wednesdays is an online cooking group. If you would like information about joining us, click here, or visit us on Facebook. Would love for you to wok along with us!

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