Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mixology | The Dirty Nipple

Seriously who makes up these names? Dirty Nipple, Boot to the Head, Urine Sample, and others I do not feel comfortable repeating here - it must be a bunch of people sitting around whom may have had a bit too much. 

I found this drink on I just typed in Sambuca, (this I received almost a whole bottle of from my sister who purchased it for a recipe and used maybe a couple tablespoons; and which I needed almost a half cup for a recipe I was making, and asked if I may have some). I had everything else needed to make this drink. In addition to the Sambuca, you need Baileys (this was gifted to us last Christmas) and Kahlua, this we always have on hand for we like our White Russians.

Don't you love it when you can use up what you already have on hand and no need to purchase something else you may not use again?

According to you layer the components (equal parts) in the following order:

Kahlua (A chocolate liqueur with a 20% alcohol content - except in Ohio where it is 21.5% - interesting. )

Sambuca (An anise [licorice] flavored liqueur with a 47% alcohol content - it feels warm going down.)

Baileys (An Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur with a 17% alcohol content.)

As you can see from the photo, a mixologist I am not. This should be a layered drink. Three layers to be precise. I even used the trick of pouring over the back of a spoon - slowly, maybe it would be easier if I had the little pour spouts bartenders have on their bottles, like the ones I use for my olive oil bottle.

This was tasty drink, but I'll stick with my White Russians. For those of you not familiar with a White Russian, it is made up of Kahlua, cream, and vodka. Delish!

 Second attempt. Two out of three layers is not bad for a first timer!

After my failed attempt at layering, I did a quick search and found that the higher the proof of your alcohol, the lighter it will be. Good to know!

Of course you would want to start with the heaviest and end with lightest. However, according to the recipe on drinksmixer it is not applying by those rules. I may have to try this again following the rules of science. :)

Should you try this one yourself, please let me know how it worked for you and what you thought of this drink.


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