Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Fun | Shrunken Apple Heads in Cider

As I was doing an internet search for adult Halloween libations, I came across this cute idea! I had to send it to my sister, she who has a Halloween party every year; and I thought this would be cute for her to make for her students. She agreed. She came over for our regular Tuesday night get together and we made these fun apple heads for her Halloween movie "night" for her class.

 These were really easy to make. The carving went much faster than we thought it would. 

After your apples have been peeled, sliced in half, and cored, they are ready for carving. After carving, the apples are placed in a lemon juice and salt mixture for one minute, then drained on paper towels before baking.

 The brown spots are bruises - the consequence from buying bagged apples. 

The instructions say to bake the apples for about ninety minutes, or until the apples are dry and begin to brown. Our apples took twice as long! Three hours! 

The pupils are made by inserting whole cloves into the eyes.

Serve the cider in wide mouth cups so that everyone can have a creepy head in their cup. If you wish, you can add some spiced rum for an adult party.

You can find the recipe and complete instructions here.


  1. Oh Cathleen, these are so cute…I’m pinning them and also sending a link to my daughter!


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