Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WW: Stir-Fried Ginger Beef and Summer Pepper Corn

WokWednesdays wokking through Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge
by Grace Young

                                           The ginger beef is amazing!

This was another fabulous recipe from Grace Young! If you have not purchased a wok and her book, I so encourage you to do so. Now! Run, do not wok walk, to your nearest bookstore and grab her book and then order your wok from The Wok Shop! I do not know of another cookbook on my shelf that I have had so much success with other than Emily Luchetti's books ~ but those are on the baking spectrum.

I am amazed by the flavor of the dishes I have prepared so far. Tasting fish sauce and oyster sauce on their own is enough to turn me off. But combined with other ingredients, the finished stir-fries have a wonderful flavor. And making them at home, the taste is superior to anything you'll find at a Chinese restaurant.
Success meter (1-3): 3

Flank steak.

I was confused with the instructions of needing
a 1/4 cup (1 oz. approx.) of sliced pickled ginger.
I purchased fresh pickled ginger from the sushi dept.
 at the grocers. It came in a one ounce container and
was filled with thin shavings of ginger. I sliced those
into thin strips and the longer strips I cut in half.
I had way more than I needed. In the end I felt a
1/4 cup (as apposed to 1 oz.) was the perfect amount.

So few ingredients ~ yet amazing flavor!

Pickled ginger and scallions.

Sizzling away.

Absolutely fabulous!
The one thing I will do next time, is too cook the beef
a bit less. I think I may have over cooked it a smidge.

Now onto the Summer Pepper Corn!

Fresh corn from our local farm.

Their corn is so popular, they put out a
sign to let you know corn is available.

You will not find the recipe here on my blog or within the Wok Wednesdays community. We encourage readers to go and purchase this book at their local independent bookstore or on-line.

Make sure to visit my co-wokkers to see their results on this stir-fry.
Look for the LYL link on the Wok Wednesdays page.


  1. Cathleen, Your photos are so wonderful. Thanks for recommending that your readers support their bookstores by getting Sky! Apologies that the 1/4 cup of pickled ginger didn't weigh 1 ounce. I measured it again with my electronic scale and 1/4 cup was 1 ounce, but maybe I need a new scale.

    1. Thank you! Please, no worries about the ginger. Who knows what happened. I did not weigh it after measuring. Maybe the container was mismarked?

  2. Thank you, this is so detailed!! It sounds amazing and colorful beef recipe so I will be making it this week,


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