Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Sixty: The Low Fat Good Food Cookbook

by Martin & Terri Katahn

            Chicken with Leeks and Mushrooms

Love one pot (dish) meals! Everything went into the baking dish; rice, broth, chicken, mushrooms, and leeks. Talk about easy preparation!! After only a couple of minutes in the oven the aroma was wafting through my kitchen. It was hard to wait the ninety minutes for it to bake.

This recipe calls for Mrs. Dash which I did not have, so I used some dried oregano and thyme and of course salt and pepper.

Dud! Ohhh this was a disappointment... I knew when I prepped this and put it in the oven that I should have covered it with foil. Having the leeks and mushroom strewn atop the chicken they would not be in contact with the broth on the bottom. I should have gone with my instinct. The mushrooms and leeks were very dry as well as my chicken. This does have potential - it had nice flavor. Maybe if the leeks and mushrooms were sautéed first before topping the chicken and then covering with foil to trap in moisture, this would have had a better outcome.

Success meter (1-3): 1

I was a little short on rice.

Can you say dry?!

Chicken with Leeks and Mushrooms
4 servings

2 cups low-sodium stock
1 cup brown rice
4 chicken breasts, skinned, about 6oz each
6 oz fresh mushrooms, quartered
2 whole leeks
Mrs. Dash to taste

1.       Put the stock and the rice in a large casserole dish, and place the chicken breasts on top. Spread the mushrooms over the chicken.
2.       Wash the leeks thoroughly, separating the leaves to get all the dirt out. Then slice the leeks in 1-inch pieces, and place on top of the chicken and mushrooms. Sprinkle with Mrs. Dash.
3.       Bake at 325° for 1½ hours.

Per serving: 6 g. fat, 380 calories, 74 mg. cholesterol, 4 g. dietary fiber, 117 mg. sodium

The Low-Fat Good Food Cookbook/Martin & Terri Katahn

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