Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WW: Stir-Fried Curried Beef

Wok Wednesdays wokking through Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge
by Grace Young

Another great dish by the fabulous Grace Young.

To all readers of this post: Purchase this book! You will not be sorry! And if you are hesitating because you do not have the space to keep a wok, see my storage solution at the end of this post.

Mise en place.

Stir-fry the garlic and onions.

Add beef and cook undisturbed for one minute.

Add remaining ingredients: curry, tomatoes, peas, salt, sugar, and broth mixture.

A delicious stir-fry with a little bit of Indian flair (so says the hubby) from the curry.

My storage solution!
Can be easily hung anywhere without a frame, sitting permanently on your stove top, even under your bed
(dusted before using of course!) No excuse not to grab a wok and join us on this fun adventure.

You will not find the recipe here on my blog or within the Wok Wednesdays community. We encourage our readers to purchase this book at their local independent bookstore or on-line to support the publishing industry and to help keep books alive! I know I prefer to flip through the pages of a book rather than read them electronically; nothing compares to the feel and smell of a printed book.

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  1. The dish is very delicious based on the images that you've put in your blog. I think I will eat a lot today if I cook that stir fry.

    Best Stir Fry


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